Friday, May 11, 2007

Sarasota, FL - We've decided to stay until May 28th

We decided to stay in Sarasota an extra month to get the condo in shape and looking good.
We've not been able to enjoy it for a couple of years due to family living there or updating it at a slow pace. Now everything is looking good and we hope to be spending some time here throughout the next year. We've decided that the real estate market is not doing well enough to put in on the market at this time.

We had planned to go to the bahama's this summer, but our grandchildren need us this year. They don't have passports and it seems that even with an expedited passort, the window of opportunity would not be with us this summer so we're just planning FUN for the summer with the grandchildren. They will be flying into Sarasota on May 25th and we plan to leave on John Henry May 28th with weather permitting.

We'll play around in the Keys and meander up to Green Cove Springs for July 1st approximately. We also plan to come back to the condo for a week or so after we've settled John Henry in his spot at Reynolds Park Yacht Marina before heading to Texas.

We picked out this furniture for the Master Bedroom. However, it's present location is the Guest Bedroom. This week, we're really working on getting the Master Suite cleaned up and painted.

Once the master bedroom is in good order, we'll move this furniture to it and find some smaller, more suitable furniture for the guest room.

The Dining Room use to be where the three bar stools are currently. This was way too tight for comfortable dining. So we put a breakfast bar in and moved the dining room to the balcony.

By putting the breakfast bar in, we opened up the kitchen and softend the look by getting rid of the cobolt blue walls.

Our new leather couch and recliner in our living room overlooks into our dining room.

The kitchen and breakfast bar are to the right not shown.

We've also installed a 42" flat screen on the living room wall. (Pictures yet to be taken).

This is our dining room. This table has a center leaf that folds up and hides under the center of the table when closed. Also the chairs are counter height so when the curtains are open, we can see over the balcony rail.

The curtains are being changed next week from these horizontials to some soft honeycone light filtering blinds.

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