Monday, June 09, 2008

Sarasota, FL

It's been a good month at Sarasota. Amber and Emma (our grandchildren) came for a visit over the Memorial Day Weekend. We brought them T-shirts that are black and white but when they are in the sun, they change to lots of colors.

We also went swimming in the Condo pool. Here is Grandpa (Wink) with Amber (wearing pink googles) and Emma having a great time.
We were able to get together with a few friends. Sabine and Wolfgang Dudda standing next to Wink. The oil painting is a Wink original from many years ago.

Wink and Wilma entertained with Alice and Wayne Delair on John Henry. We also had Ann Roness and her niece over to the condo. We dropped by and visited with Devin and Marion Rutkowski in their home. It's hard to believe how grownup their children Amber and DJ have become. We had lunch with Adam Chicoine and was sorry that we didn't get to see Morgan and Cameron.
The month would not be complete without the annual doctors visits. This is both Wink and Wilma's doctor, Dr. Gerald John. We have enjoyed his services and friendship for almost 10 years.
Our grandchildren arrived on Saturday for the summer. We moved from the Condo to the boat on Sunday - June 8th. All the girls went to the store to buy provisions. Grandpa stayed at the boat to test the generator, clean the strainers and prepare to leave. The grandchildrens mother left today to return home. John Henry has been cleaned and prepared to make the journey to Green Cove Springs, FL. Green Cove Springs is located in the St. Johns River about 30 miles south of Jacksonville and about 30 miles west of St. Augustine, FL.
John Henry getting ready to depart Sarasota. John Henry docked at Marina Jacks.

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