Friday, August 22, 2008

More of the Summer - The Lost Roll

Above: Aunt Ruby helps take care of Wilma's mom and dad part time. She also loves anything tropical - so she enjoys us having a boat and living our dreams.
Above: Wilma's Dad - all dressed up for a seniors lunch at their church. Wilma's mom is in the picture below.
Below: Amber and Mama Cat.
Below: Emma - Left and Amber - Right working on their Watercolor by Numbers at their Great Grandmothers home in Yazoo City, MS.
Below: Wink with Wilma's son, William and his daughters Amber & Emma in Yazoo City, MS.
Below: Wilma with her Dad! in Yazoo City, MS
Since we were in Yazoo City for two weeks, the granddaughters decided they wanted to help cook. Amber and Wilma made a simple foil meal for dinner for 6 people. Wilma and her mom use to make these dinners when she was kid, too. Wilma still cooks these on the boat from time to time.
COMPLETE DINNER IN FOIL - or you can add a salad on the side!
Start with a large piece of foil. Place the following items on the foil.
Hamburger first, then sliced onions, then sliced potatoes, then sliced carrots, add salt and pepper and then bake at 425 degrees for about 40-60 minutes.
Amber removing the food from the foil and placing on a plate for each dinner guest.
Emma wanted fresh green beans from the garden so we went to the garden and picked some green beans and Emma agreed to snap them.
Wink and Emma went to the Petrified Forrest in Flora, MS and also went rock hunting in several of the creek beds and Amber joined them on a walk in woods for a great adventure.
Emma possing with a good example of fungus growing from a tree, her walking stick in hand.
Amber and Emma watch as Grandpa picks up a box turtle walking in the road near the house. We decided to keep the turtle for a few days and placed it in a Styrofoam box which it promptly decided it could escape from.
After several escapes, a unanimous decision was made to just let the turtle have a run of the house. Wilma's parents are use to having all sorts of critters around. As kids, Wilma's siblings brought home everything you can imagine from flying squirrels to alligators. The great-grandchildren seem to have the same knack.
Here is the box turtle walking around the living room. Wilma's dad kept saying "I think that's a turtle over there" and he was right every time.
Wilma's brother Hardy has a four wheeler and he let Wink use it to go rock hunting in the creek behind his house. Wilma got to join him for one day near the end of the visit. We found lots great petrified wood. Wilma's has been planning to walk the creeks for many years and was thrilled to find some petrified wood.
Wilma took pictures of Wink in the creek. We took our rock hammers with us for just in case. As you see from the picture below, the petrified wood is just laying around.This medium size piece of petrified wood is just right of the hammer.
Wink found a large piece of petrified wood in one of the creeks, it weighs about 50 pounds. We don't have a picture, but we have the piece at the condo. We'll take pictures when it's all cleaned up.

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