Monday, June 04, 2007

June 4 - Grandchildren

Before I start, please remember that these pictures are small and that you can double click any picture to make it bigger for better viewing enjoyment. Then just click your back button to return to the blog. There have been several times I've had to click the back button multiple times to get back to the blog.

Also, I'd like to take a moment to say that in the end of the Tropical Storm Barry, there were 3 boats aground and 1 boat sunk at the city park anchorage area. I took a couple of pictures of one boat, but decided not to post at this time.

Amber and Emma in the playground area of City Park which is located right behind Marina Jack's. We walk Sara there everyday when we are at the marina.

This picture is of Amber and Emma with the Ringling Bridge behind them, still in city park.
There is a nice water fountain area where kids can play in the water, unfortuately, we arrived before it opened. We'll try again on another day.
The park has many swings and I think the girls made sure that they all worked.
This is the LaBarge which has palm trees and mermaids on it. This is a tour boat that goes out several times a day from Marina Jack's.


Capt Andy said...

The blog is looking good!!!

Anonymous said...

Wilma call me when you get a chance--your nephew john