Monday, March 17, 2008

Bahama Vacation - March 2008

WEATHER ALERT: It has been less than 80 degrees during the last two weeks and the wind has really been blowing. Sorry, but that's the best I can do - NOT TO GLOAT on how great Winter has been this year in the Bahamas.

We (John Henry) has held several game nights playing Apples to Apples. Our record attendance was 16. Everyone was sitting everywhere.
Sherry Sztul - Fred Reeds Daughter - Sue Graham - Judy Law - Jonathan & Judie Jenkins
Jonathan & Judie Jenkins, Fred Reed, Wilma Thornton, and Pat from Salty Dog.
Scott Coles, Paul Graham, and Mary Coles. Not pictured are: Wink Thornton, Eric Kraft, Andy Allen and another Pat from Salty Dog (Remember there's two Pats on Salty Dog).

I just like this picture of flowers on the grounds here at Abaco Beach Resort.
On one of the walking areas that Wilma goes, these signshelp you find your way if your lost.
Sara the sea dog has enjoyed having lots of grass and many walks.
Eric, Wilma and Andy at Wally's Restaurant. Wink is taking the picture.
The night before Andy from "seaDee" left us, we went out to dinner at Wally's with Eric Kraft (visiting from Mirage Mfg - the boat builder).
Wink, Wilma, Paul and Ryan went out on the skiff, snorkeling and lobster hunting.

We found them - 6 lobsters and a blue crab - nice catch for the day. Paul and Ryan kept three and Wink and Wilma kept three.

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