Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pirates Party - March 2009

Sara the sea dog enjoys dinner in her chair as she prepares to stay home alone for the night.
It's Pirate Party Time........
Wink and Wilma donned their Pirate Outfits and enjoyed a Pirates Ball on March 10th.
The fun was enjoyed by all ages from babies to little kids to big kids. Wink posing with some of the powder monkeys.
Our friend Vanessa poses with the Powder Monkeys who seem to be the highlight of the party.
Dave Bluto had an amazing transformation. He was mild mannered in the afternoon and quiet gruff in the evening. Watch that 5:00 shadow.
Rita and Robert were the happiest Pirates out in the evening.
While Vanessa and Andrew were the scariest couple on the floor or maybe Andrew just realized that he was married to a Ghost.

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