Friday, April 10, 2009

Lee & Crystal Visit plus Mermaid Reef Trip

Our niece Lee and her high school friend, Crystal came for a visit. When they arrived, our dock was having a happy hour. Somebody was having a birthday and we all decided to have a party. Lee and Crystal quickly put their luggage on board John Henry and joined the party.
From Left: Our friend Rita, Wilma, (sporting her shell necklace and matching ear rings.) Lee and Crystal. There were lots of fine jewelry being made this year on the docks. Wilma learned how to make crocheted shell necklaces and to make Sea Glass Jewelry.Their second day was our best outdoor water day. We took the girls out snorkeling and while we were out, Wink picked up some dinner. We came home with 9 lobsters. Lee and Crystal were very excited.
Wilma and the girls went to Hope Town during their visit. Here Crystal and Lee pose in front of the Hope Town light house.
This is Lizard Lodge were a very famous group of Curly Tail Lizards live. The day was so cold that the lizards were not available for photographs. We did see a couple of lizards later, but they were not in a posing mood.
Hope Town has one small road that leads to nowhere. It ends at the waterfront with a love seat (shown in the back of picture). Wilma and Lee pose on water's edge.
Crystal decides to have her picture taken from the Love Seat - just relaxing away.
After our trip to Hope Town, Lee and Crystal sort through many shells and sea glass for souvenirs to take back home. Lee had noticed that Sea Glass jewelry wasn't cheap in Hope Town. As I had collected lots of sea glass, Lee and Crystal were thrilled to learn how to make the Sea Glass Jewelry.
From Left: (White Shirt) Judy, Lee Crystal, Wilma (Green Shirt - Haldine Baxter and her granddaughter - orange with her granddaughters friend - black). I'm very sorry, but I have forgotten both of the girls names. If Haldine sees this and sends me their names, I'll edit this posting and include them.
My very good friend, Judy Law from Amarse (white shirt) teaches the girls how to make sea glass jewelry and help make shell necklaces.
Judy and Fred (Amarse) have to say goodbye. They left the same day as my niece Lee and her friend Crystal.
A pincushion starfish. They come in many colors and sizes. Wilma lead a Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club outing to Mermaid Reef which is about 1 mile by land from Abaco Beach Resort. It is a protected reef and a no take zone.
Karla from S/V Isla Rika was the brightest of all the swimmers (humans that is).
Parrot Fish in center and Blue Tang below with Yellow Tail Snapper at the top.
A very happy Parrot Fish comes for a look at the camera.
From Right: Vanessa (Tally Ho - Sailboat), Jim (Silver Foxes), Karla (Isla Rika), Wilma (John Henry), Ed (Harbour Reach), Diane (Lady Di), Ellen (Double SS), Tall Guy in the back with hat on is Ed (Tally Ho - Trawler) - Left (Green Shirt - Haldine (Darlin) and her two guest.

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