Thursday, November 12, 2009

August - Green Cove Activities

Wilma spent the first week back from Texas cleaning the left over dregs from the Blind Mosquitoes infestation that started in June and lasted until after we left for Texas. Luckily, our friend Tim from Cloud X, hosed off the boat once the mosquitoes left the area.

Wink and Wilma took Country Western dance lessons for the Two Step as well as learning a few advanced moves we hope to show off at the Western Dance in Marsh Harbour in March. We also joined the Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Club. The club sponsors activities every week for Rock Hounding, Rock Swaps, Club Picnics and lots of Jewelry making classes. We enjoyed attending a series of fine metals wire wrapping classes.

Several Royal March Harbour Yacht Club members were docked in Brunswick, Georgia so we made several trips to the Marina to see Sue and Paul Graham and other RMHYC members. Sara the Boat Dog (her knew name as it was pointed out to us that she really doesn't like the sea) really likes Sue's new sofas pillows. Robert Wilson and Dave Bluto enjoy the evening.

We took John Henry out for a shake-down as well as to have a bit of fun in the middle of the month. We invited some of the neighboring boaters to join us. From right to left, Tim from Cloud X along with Frank and Frank, Jr. from the end of the dock. We anchored John Henry and took a swim.
As you may remember, John Henry sports a 6’ bathtub. Last year, we had the bathtub modified for easier drainage – unfortunately, it was not a good idea. Wink spent about three days redoing the Fiberglass to get it back to the way it was. We’re much happier with the original design.

Wink and Wilma cleaned out alleyways, drawers, and clutter though-out the boat. We took a car load of stuff out of the boat and stored it at our condo which is still FOR SALE in Sarasota. Wink and Wilma also had their annual medical appointments. We’re both in great health. – Yeah.

We stopped in to check on Wink’s mom. She is about the same – we believe she is well cared for in the Alzheimer’s Unit and seems happy.

We also made a trip to Live Oak, FL to see Wink’s Aunt Ella Mae who was having her 94th birthday. She says, “Getting old aint for sissies”.

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