Sunday, November 08, 2009

July 2009 - Car Trip Southeast USA

During the last week of June, Sara and Wilma went to Dallas by car. Wink took a flight to New Hampshire to spend a few days with the grandchildren (Amber and Emma). Wilma stopped by Yazoo City, MS to visit with family before heading on to Dallas. After several days, Wink and the girls flew to Dallas where Wilma met them at the airport. Wilma’s son, William lives in Dallas and enjoys time with us and his children every summer.

William enjoys Steam Punk, a new attire and music fad. He works with models and participates in coordinating photo shoots.

He also designs and creates accessories such as jewelry, goggles, angel wings and other interesting creations. Search Steamline Gear to see some of his work. Wilma models a new creation.
Sara fell in love with William’s couch cushion.

We also went to Keller, TX to visit with Wilma’s brother Charles Timmy who took the girls horseback riding. His ranch/boarding facility is doing well.

We also went to Ladonia, TX to hunt for Fossils in Pete Patterson Fossil Park. It’s a dry river bed called the North Sulphur River Fossil Haven. Wink and Wilma did find many fossils while Amber and Emma found tadpoles. The temperature was 103 degrees. We drank lots of water and took lots of breaks. It’s too hot for the summer.
Our friends Kevin and Lisa invited us over for a swim and dinner. The girls enjoyed laying out to dry before dinner.

We also traveled to Arkansas to visit Wilma’s sister, Betty and family. Betty’s grandson Jax was excited to see Amber and Emma. Then we went down to Yazoo City, MS to see Wilma’s parents and family. On the way, we rescued a water turtle and relocated it to a safe water environment. We also went to Vicksburg, MS to tour the Civil War National Memorial Park. The statues and memorials were amazing.
Upon returning to Dallas, we went to the Museum of Natural History and the girls really liked the Mammoth at the entrance as well as seeing the many gems, minerals and fossils. We also went to the local swimming pool to cool off. After three weeks, Wilma helped the girls get their hair neat and to make a few faces for the camera before catching their plane back New Hampshire with Wink.

Sara and Wilma drove back to Green Cove Springs, FL where John Henry sits for the summer. Wilma stopped in Yazoo City, MS one more time to visit with her aging parents.
Emma in the front yard and Amber in the side yard of their home saying goodbye to Grandpa as he leaves for the airport. Wilma picked up Wink at the Jacksonville airport as the month of July came to a close.

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