Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Annapolis Boat Show and St. Michaels, MD

On Sunday, October 8th we picked up our latest visitor, Ewen Thompson. Ewen is the designer and owner of the lightning protection company who developed the system for John Henry. We will always be cautious of lightning, but will no longer cower around lightning as long as we’re on our boat. To view information on lightning protection, please check out Ewen’s website that features our boat.

On Monday, we decided to get underway and give Wilma a little bit of practice handling the boat. We left our cozy dock and went south into the Chesapeake Bay with Ewen in tow. After a little while, we found an ideal place for Wilma to pivot, back up, and line up the boat with objects on shore and in the water. Wilma did very good and we’ll keep practicing. Ewen also did a little bit of practicing on a larger boat than normal for him.

The day was extremely beautiful and very calm which meant for glassy waters. We decided not to go back to dock, but to anchor out near St. Michaels, MD.

We had been crabbing at Joan and Bruce’s home so Wink prepared an Iron Chef dinner with three dishes – the main ingredient was Crab. We had supreme crab bisque, crab cakes ala Wink, and steamed Crabs. What a feast?

We anchored in front of the Maritime Museum and Lighthouse. A picture should be attached. Joan and Bruce live near Thomas Point Lighthouse, which should also be attached.

Tuesday - Wink stayed on the boat with Buster and Sarasota while Wilma and Ewen took the dinghy to shore and walked around St. Michaels which is a very small quaint town. Ewen drove on the way into town and Wilma practiced her dinghy driving on the way back and had lots of fun. We’re now in route back to the dock at Bruce and Joan’s home as the boat builder crew should be back today. We also had 2 adult swans with 8 cygnets (baby swans). We have pictures, hopefully they’ll be in soon. In the meantime, here’s a wonderful sailboat to view.

Today, Wednesday – is Wink and Wilma’s 9th anniversary and we stage into the Annapolis boat show. We’ll have boat show responsibilities until Sunday and then we head back to Florida.

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