Friday, October 06, 2006

Some More Photos

During our trip to Newport, we took hundreds of photos. It was difficult to choose which ones to post to give you the flavor of our trip.

Here Wilma (and Wink taking the photo) are touring Newport R.I.

This is one of the many barges we passed and passed us. You want to make sure you give these guys lots of sea room.

Buster is enjoying his tour of New York City.

These Dolphins were with us for about and hour off the coast of South Carolina. The water was extremely clear and calm which allowed us to get some fantastic photos. These guys are riding the bow wave of John Henry. At night, we had several dolphins at the boat. They would ride the bow wave and then we would see them dart out to grab a flying fish. Sometimes they would come right out of the water and grab the fish. The water had a tremendous amount of Phosphorescence, so we could actually see the fish and the dolphins even though it was pit black outside.

We passed a lot of navel vessels all he way from Jacksonville. Aircraft carriers, subs, frigats, and more. Cool.
This is a shot of us entering Port Jefferson Long Island.
The Brookline Bridge from below.

This is a photo from our boat where we were docked towards Jamestown R.I.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Wilma, dear Wink,

unbelivable interesting the comments you wrote, we are so happy that you both have just a wonderful time. Wink I belive with the engine fule filter experience you are not only a good captain, you became a really good chief engineer as well.

Drom me a mail when you are in port so I can give you a call. best regards from Viki and Thomas