Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We are in Annapolis Maryland

We have some downtime between the Solomons Mayland boat show and the Annapolis Maryland boatshow. Our friends Bruce and Joan have a GH37 (37foot Great Harbour boat like ours) and are now cruising around the Chesapeake Bay. They offered up the use of their dock, which we gladly accepted. Their dock and home is located on the South River in Annapolis. The location is great, with a private dock, a car to use, and Buster and Sara really like being able to jump off the boat and run around the yard and small beach. The weather has been beautiful for several days with temperatures in the 70’s and sunny. We have a total of 10 days to wile away the time until we have to be at the Annapolis boat show, next Wednesday. We have been spending our days, sleeping late, working on small projects on the boat, watching movies, and crabbing (after all this is Maryland). We have caught a couple of bucket full of crab today and we'll cook them tonight. Since we also have the use of a car, we have been out exploring the local area. We also have the opportunity to take John Henry out and cruise the Chesapeake, but to be honest, where we are located is so peaceful and beautiful, we most like will stay here until the boat show. The picture was taken from Joan and Bruces's home on the hill overlooking the river. This is a wonderful place to have to spend a few days. As you can see there is a 37ft boat located next to us, which is an “N37” named Semper Fi. This is the boat we have been traveling with since we left Florida. No one is aboard the boat right now as everyone has flown back to Florida to work at the Mirage Manufacturing (Boat Builder) Company. They will fly back just before the next boat show and both boats will then travel to the show together. Keep checking back and sometime today or tomorrow, we will be posting a lot of photos and some log entries about our trip from Florida to Newport R.I. Also, send us an e-mail or make a comment (find the comment button on this site) to let us know you have visited the site. Thanks to those who have sent your comments.

Cheers, Wink/Wilma/Buster/Sara

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