Monday, April 07, 2008

Granddaughters Amber and Emma - Spring Vacation

Double JJ (a Mirage Great Harbour 37 Trawler that FOR SALE) owned by Judy and Jonathan Jenkins - see link below for more of their adventures - left this week.

Their cat Ami looked a little reluctant to give up her dock space. Wilma, now known as Grandma, left on Friday April 4th and flew to West Palm Beach, FL where she collected her two granddaughters and brought them back on Saturday for a weeks visit in the Abaco's.
This picture represents how tall they have grown. Emma - 8 yrs old and Amber 10 yrs old.
The picture below was taken in August 2007 which compares with picture above. The rest of this posting will be done by my Grandchildren, Amber and a small section by Emma (displayed in Green).

On the flight from Delray Beach to the Bahamas, the flight was fantastic. We went past baby blue oceans that looks like pieces of a patchwork quilt, coral reefs that are covered green and purple, and islands that have thousands of citizens and buildings. Next, we headed for the John Henry by Taxi. Grandma ordered a taxi, but he was unable to come so we used a different Taxi.

As we approached the John Henry, Grandpa came out to meet us while Sara whined to give us kisses. Grandpa helped us on to the boat and showed us our room. It was full of food on the upper bunk bed. We took Sara for a long walk before gathering our new snorkel equipment and headed to the pool. I (Amber) swam like a dolphin after only a few minutes of instruction on snorkeling. I can hold my breath while going underwater and then blow out as I come to the surface and I have no problem diving back down again and again and again. Grandpa says I'm a natural and the fins that Grandma had on board are easy to use.

This is Emma and I also had a snorkel lesson with horrible flippers. My snorkel was not very good. Grandma was so nice because she let me use her snorkel that keeps the water out. Grandma also found a better pair of flippers that fit me great. I think we will go to Mermaid Reef and snorkel sometime this week.

There was a whole coconut in our room. Grandma drilled two holes in it and got the milk out. Then I helped Grandma bang the coconut until it was loose enough to crack. We cracked it and had some good nibbles of coconut. Grandpa went to help a friend fix a boat, but it didn't work.

We had Fried Rice for Dinner and cookies for a dessert.

The second day on the John Henry was splendid. But in the morning, there was a terrible storm. There was a heavy shower, the power went off instantly, and Grandma and Grandpa were soaking wet bringing in the stuff from the back of the boat. During the storm, that was when we ate Emma Surprise for lunch (Peanut Butter, fried plantains with chocolate chips on a bun). We already ate Cheerio's covered in sugar for breakfast. After the storm, the light came in a blink of an eye! Soon after lunch, Emma, Grandma, and I took Sara for a walk and Grandpa made our dinner. He said it was fried donkey, but it was bologna. After dinner, Emma and I are allowed to watch TV and play with our Nintendo DS.

Amber made her famous Baked Apples for a snack this morning.
There was a terrible storm again. It poured and poured. But don’t worry, it didn’t last all day. It only made me yawn, and Boy, I was tired. It was also foggy. But, in the afternoon was a lot more fun.

In the afternoon, Emma, Grandma, and I took Sara for a walk. (Grandpa was fast asleep.) After the walk, we went to Ms. Sue’s boat. We made ankle bracelets and necklaces.
Grandma took pictures of us with them on for the blog.
Emma sitting in the Captain's chair showing off her new fish necklace & ankle bracelet. Amber's are on the table next to her. Sara is in the bottom right corner, keeping an eye on the photographer (me).

Next, we went swimming and snorkeling at the beach and at the pool. At the beach, there I saw a sting-ray. (Up close and under water it was huge!) I screamed and ran to Grandma. ‘’It is not that big,” said Grandma. She was right. Far away, it looked like it was half the size of a ruler. But I didn’t have to worry about it in the pool. I never want to get out. When I got out, Emma was shivering, and we went to the showers. Ah! It was warm. We went home (back on the boat).
Amber is working on letters to parents which have been condensed for this posting of the Blog. Please note: Amber is wearing her new necklace with hearts and her ankle bracelet with a fish that she made at Ms Sue's boat.

Sara whined to kiss us. Soon, Grandpa made omelets for dinner. He offered us many ingredients to choose from. (I wanted all the ingredients.) After dinner, Emma made a wonderful dessert. Yum!
It was chocolate Ice Cream, topped with Dream Whip and a vanilla cookie inserted. MMMmmm, delicious.


Bill "Daddy" Mobley said...

Hey, this is their Dad! Wow! They're tall! I can't believe how tall they've gotten!

I like the e-mails I'm getting. They're awesome.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your having a great time with your granddaughters. Wish I could bring mine, Beth as she loves the water too. We crossed the Gulf on the 11th with Double JJ with good seas. In St Augustine now enjoying good weather and sights. Loved the tour of Flagler College.Will be flying home Friday to see kids and grandkids. Up the coast after that. Safe cruising. Critchercat