Saturday, April 19, 2008

Treasure Cay Anchoring Out

We (Motor Vessel John Henry & crew, Wink the Captain, Wilma the First Mate and Sara the Sea Dog) left Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahama on Thursday morning. We were sad that the season had come to an end, but more sad because we were one of the last boats left on the dock, all alone (almost). We traveled to Treasure Cay and anchored out north of the entrance to the harbour.
Wink and Wilma at Treasure Cay Ice Cream Parlor.
We met up with Pat and Pat from "Salty Dawg" who had left the dock about 2 weeks prior to do some local cruising. They anchored next to us at Treasure Cay. As we were all having a light dinner on John Henry, we enjoyed the sunset near Salty Dawg.

Wilma managed to get Pat & Pat in one picture of the sunset with their boat.

Bettie & Klaas with "Moon Beam" a N37, a sister Great Harbour built by Mirage made their repairs and also met us at Treasure Cay. Here, Bettie is preparing to anchor.

Bettie & Klaas enjoy previewing "Salty Dawg" on our second night at Treasure Cay anchorage.
The first afternoon that we were all at Treasure Cay, we went to the Ice Cream Parlor and then over to the seaside resturaunt for a snack. We also were told that the Fishing Tournament was on and that we would see about 30 sport fish boat leave and return each day - and what a site it was to see.
Wilma and Bettie went to the beach and hunted for sea shells and enjoyed the beautiful blue water.
The morning after our arrival at Treasure Cay, the three couples boarded their dingy's and headed out to do some Turtle watching. Above, Wilma & Wink wore wetsuits as they hoped to snorkel part of the day.
We did spot numerous giant Sting Rays and they were a site to behold. We also saw several small sharks, and about a dozen or so Turtles. The Turtles are extremely fast underwater and it was almost impossible to get a picture. I did get one picture, but it's kind of a blurrrrr...

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