Monday, April 21, 2008

Manjack Cay & Reflection

Wink and Wilma have been at Manjack Cay for the last two days. The weather was so beautiful and we are traveling with friends, Salty Dawg (Pat & Pat), Roving Seas (Brian & Jan). We're having so much fun that we missed our weather window for tomorrow and now we're headed to Bowell Cay and expect to cross the Gulf Stream on Friday, maybe Saturday. Above, Abaco - we'll miss you.

Great picture of flowers and fish in Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahama

Here are a few of Wilma's favorite stores in Marsh Harbour. Maxwell's is a huge grocery store with all you ever need to maintain a healty diet. The prices are about 1/3 more. Ice Cream is about $10 1/2 gallon. Fresh Veggies and Bread comes in on Monday's.

Matilda's makes the best Hamburgers on the entire island, maybe even in all of the Abaco's. Hamburgers run around $6-7 each (usually $12-20 other resturaunts). Another plus is they are only about a block from Abaco Beach Resort.

Island Boy Tackel is less than a block away from the resort and Wink really likes it. It's located above Jamie's Resturaunt. Jamie's turned out to have the best Peas and Rice according to Wilma.

Andy and Wilma went into Monkey's Uncle and both enjoyed it's unique gift selection. They were going to go back, but didn't for some reason or another (probably off having more fun).

Every day at 8:30 am there is a "Walk & Talk" group that walks between 3-5 miles. Wilma was able to lose 10 lbs. What a thrill. Jonathan Jenkins (lower right) lead the group on a Mystery Walk and Narrated the Historic Events of the Walk. It was great. Not all walkers are pictured below, but these are the die hards. Wilma in pink in middle.

Wink and Wilma are enjoying a dance at the Commodore's Ball. Wilma continues to have request for more roller skating car hop photo's so ENJOY!

Wilma (Grandma) with Amber 10, and Wink (Grandpa) with Emma 8 saying Good-Bye and we'll see you in June for the summer.

Wilma from John Henry and Bettie from Moon Beam blowing their conch horns at sunset.

Wilma also attended Arts and Crafts a few times. Wilma made these two baskets below and she decorated her Easter Eggs with Watercolors.

Wilma did some watercolor art. These four are before she had the lesson with Fred (her new watercolor teacher and compadre).

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