Saturday, April 19, 2008

Granddaughters Amber and Emma - Spring Vacation

Emma noticed that we had collected about 6 coconuts and she talked her grandpa into opening 3-4 of them so she could have fresh coconut. Amber had promised her Uncle Jim that she would bring him back a picture of fresh lobster cooked with melted butter. We thought that a better picture would be of Amber enjoying fresh lobster for dinner.
Our friends Bettie and Klaas from "Moon Beam" finally arrived from their cruising the Exuma's. Emma and Amber both enjoyed her dog "Scoshi". (Hope I spelled that right).
Above, Sue Graham blows the Sunset Horn while Bettie, Emma and Scoshi enjoys the evening.
Within 10 minutes, Emma became a proliflic Conch Horn blower while Grandma still struggles to make a mall sound.
Amber and Emma have been practicing snorkeling in the resort pool. Grandma and Grandpa take them out for a snorkeling adventure.
Above, Grandma and girls are having a blast checking out under the Abaco's.
Of course, both girls love fishing also. We took them fishing and everyone caught fish.
Grandma was very surprised when she looked back and saw that Emma was driving the boat and Grandpa was just sitting back enjoying the ride.
One of the more spectatular sites are the large star fish. This is a rear 6 legged star fish. (usually they have 5 legs).

While, both girls are excellent at swimming and snorkeling, Amber seems to have the grace and ease of a dolphin. She can regulate her breathing and without weights (and in a wetsuit) can dive down to about 10 feet easily).
Amber collecing sand dollars and sea bicuits.

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