Saturday, November 01, 2008

Leaving Green Cove Springs, FL

Last week Wilma Great Nephew "Jax" came for a visit and he enjoyed playing with Sara, the sea dog and her toys. Sara does like little Piggy, and really seemed to enjoy Piggy sitting on her head. Ha! Ha! Ha!
We took our car down to Sarasota, FL to store for the winter at our condo (which is up for sale should anyone have an interest). While we were in Sarasota, our precious sea dog went to the Vet to get her Health Certificate for the voyage to the Bahamas.
Before we left the dock, Eric came and put Vegas Girl's lettering on the boat. Wilma thinks it looks great.

Wilma also prepared the package for SSG Michelle Rotchadl, a US soldier in Iraq, and put it in the mail. If anyone else would like to contribute to the Surprise package for Michelle, you can send your check to Wilma Thornton, PO Box 877, McGehee, AR 71654. Please send Wilma an email with the amount to If we recieve extra money, we'll send out another package to Michelle.
Annie Smith-Bova and Wilma spent a little time preparing for good future fishing experiences. Annie is just getting into fishing while Wilma's been catching fishing for years so they got together and tied leaders (hook, line, and swivels) for 24 set ups. This saves lots of time when the fishing is HOT!
Today, Saturday, November 1st - we left Green Cove Springs, FL aboard John Henry. Tim from Cloud X came by and wished us well and helped cast off our lines. Tim and Becky Boehike on board another GH47 named Pokey are traveling with us from the docks this morning. They're GH47 is very similar inside to John Henry including green recliners.
A great looking building in Jacksonville, FL.
We will anchor tonight just north of St. Augustine, FL about 10 miles north of the Bridge of Lions at 4:00 PM (Now - so I gotta go).

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