Sunday, November 02, 2008

St Augustine to Mosquito Lagoon

Yesterday (Saturday) we travel from Green Cove Springs, FL north to Jacksonville and entered the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) and headed south traveling 71 miles in 9 hours.

If you take a map of Florida and draw a line from Green Cove Springs straight East to the ICW that's about where we ended up. Across land it would have been less than 30 miles and would have only taken half an hour.

We crawled out of bed at 5:30 this morning so that we could have the anchor up and underway by 6:00 so we could catch the 7:00 opening of the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine. We made it with 5 minutes to spare.

Here is picture of a nice sunrise that we took while waiting for the bridge to open.
I was also able to get a nice sailboat picture near the old fort ruins close to the Bridge of Lions.
Last Friday, the day before we left, Wilma was suppose to clean the outside of the boat, but she ran out of daylight. Wink generously said, "don't worry about it honey, there's plenty of time for you to do it while underway". Yesterday was too cold to work outside - Jacksonville had a cold spell - in the 60 degree range. Much better today down below St. Augustine - 70's.
As Wilma was cleaning the boat some very happy dolphins came and played on the starboard (right) side of the boat, jumping out of the water and couldn't believe it, but Wilma actually got a nice shot of them jumping.
Tim and Becky on GH47 "Pokey" are still hanging out with us. He's a good shot of their boat just before we had a little bit of rain.
Sara, the sea dog, spent the day relaxing in her favorite corner of the pilot house settee. Today she spent the day playing with her twin Sahara. (Sahara is really a stuff animal, but we don't tell that to Sara).
Just shortly before we anchored today, we passed a small spoils island with lots of Pelicans. This is only a small section of the island and the birds are everywhere.
We also passed a long pier that had about 50 crabpots on it. This is not the entire pier, but just a little idea of how interesting our views can be.
You're suppose to be able to double click on pictures to see them larger. Most of the time, if you do enlarge the picture, you have to go back in instead of just moving forward.
Today was a long day - 11 hours of being underway and 91 miles of travel. We'll stay only one night here at Mosquito Lagoon and will be up early for a 6:30 am departure.

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