Thursday, May 06, 2010

Happenings in Bahamas

Fred and Sidonia on MV Shearwater sponsored a Veggie Car Race for the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club. The racers were made of all vegetables - only the axels were allowed to be wood.

A trophy was given to the winner - Trophy in center.
The RMHYC held a Arts & Crafts Exhibit. Many boaters have creative hobbies
on board their boats. This year, due to the cool winter, many boater had lots of time
to work on their hobbies. It was amazing to see the talent that floats about.
Wink displays his underwater photography and wire wrapped jewelry.
Sidonia from MV Shearwater makes Pine Needle Baskets.
She taught many RMHYC members the Art.
Four couples went out for Valentines Day.
Wink and Wilma, Fred and Sherry, Dick and Ann, and Judy and Fred.Travis & Jessica Fickett came by with a friend for dinner. They were on college break and enjoying a week on MV Spoonbill - N47 Charter Vessel
Wilma painted this Lionfish and created the display piece.
Kathy from MV LoKee creates wonderful paintings.

Judy from MV Amarse makes Jewelry and Pine Needle Baskets

Judie from MV Double JJ ties Flies for Fishing.
A view of Dock 4 with Dingy's heading out for an Adventure and
lunch at Cracker P's.
GHTA Bahamas Cruise
Great Harbour Trawler Association - Bahamas Cruise
The weather was so windy that the Cruising was not possible. The cruise was not the most important thing as we all were docked near each other.
We did however, think that a Happy Hour was important.
Photo taken on GH47 Pokey's Roof Deck.
From Left: Gene & Judy - GH37 LoQueSeA
Sue & Paul GH37 - Odyssey
Sheila & Neil - N37 Silver Queen
Lois & Karl - GH37 Puffin
Becki & Tim - GH47 Pokey
Judie & Jonathan - GH37
Wilma & Wink - GH47 John Henry
Wink and Wilma display their GH47 Mirage Shirts.
W ink and Fred help Tim move Pokey to the Boat Yard for Bottom Paint.
Wink went fishing with Steve several times. Steve is pleased with
his new boat and his catch - Queen Trigger Fish.
Our friends Chris and Sandra came for a visit and enjoyed the heated Pool.
Family Picture
Wilma (Grandma), Emma, Toni, Amber, Wink (Grandpa)
Sherry and Wilma
saying goodbye for now
Sherry and Fred leave Marsh Harbour on their SV Chippka Fire.

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Joan said...

Life is good! Thank-you for sharing this years Bahama's adventure Wilma & Wink! It was wonderful to see familiar places & your smiling faces again! Hugs,~Joan, North Carolina