Thursday, May 06, 2010

March 2010 - Marsh Harbour - Bahamas

Forgive the order. Looks like the website has changed some software rules. I'll do each month separately. I had already started with March - so it goes first.

Howdy everyone, the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club had a Hoe-Down in March. We had a belt buckle contest to see which table eats first. From the left:
Fred from Amarse (center) won. Wilma and Wink sat at his table so we ate first. Yeah!
Fred and Judy from MV Amarse - Wilma and Wink from MV John Henry 2010 Hoe Down
Sue and Ray from MV Last Dance - supplied the music - Above
Jane and George from MV Time Out - those are his real whiskers - Above
Judy and Jim from MV Silver Foxes. Above
Sharon and Bob from MV CatchmeifUcan
Mary, Wink and Jan
Wink and the Indian Maidens
Gene and Judy from MV LoQueSeA - Above
Sidonia and Fred from MV Shearwater - Above
Leslie and Doug - MV Happy Clamz
They were the co-chairpersons for the Hoe Down. They did a Great Job.
Ed & Shirley - MV Tally Ho - Above
They were having a great time.
Jan and Brian from MV Roving Seas - Above
A taste of the old west.

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