Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bahama Bound - Day Four

Saturday, January 12, 2008
First a comment from our friends, Judy & Gene regarding a comment about Alonzo’s Sea mentioned in yesterday’s blog note.

Great Blog!
Yes that was Alonzo's Sea--now named Seven
Tenths---owned by our good friends Deb and Henry Dennig. We just brought her across Okeechobee on New year's Eve and She will be in Baltimore eventually---poor Henry and Deb are still of the "working
We sure enjoyed the pilot berth on our journey across!
Safe Travels across-looks like a good window, many are leaving from Marathon
Yesterday, right after I finished up the blog and took over piloting the boat, the decision was made to stop for the night. We turned left out of the channel and anchored in a nice, wide open area with 5-6 feet of water under our keel. Andy & Annie brought over some garlic bread & salad. We cooked up some spaghetti and sauce and had a feast. We did some cruise planning for crossing the Gulf Stream and socialized way too late.

WE decided to sleep late this morning. We got up at 6:15 instead of 6:00 am. The sunrise is near 10 miles north of Vero Beach Municipal Marina. It had been a calm night with pleasant weather conditions. Wilma decided that perhaps bathing suit weather required a bathing suit. (NO PICTURE INCLUDED). There are however, plenty of Bow Ornaments out today, and not all of them were gals. With it being Saturday, we have hundreds of boats out and about us at all times. Wink calls it Boating Hell!
Sea Dee at the Jupiter Inlet. There are boats everywhere.......

Upon entering the Jupiter, FL area, we noticed that real estate is just a little more expensive than we’re use too. I think that if all the people I know should get together, we still might not have enough money to buy some of these places. But, we would all be able to have our own room. The picture below is a small home for sale. The others are extremely large.

We’re about two hours out from our anchorage in south Lake Worth. We plan to get up early tomorrow and head across the Gulf Stream. We’ll be out of contact for 3-4 days until we get settled in with an internet connection.
Don't go ape. These guys are just sitting out in front of a big house in Jupiter, FL.
Keep your fingers crossed and keep us in your prayers. We’ll talk to you from the other side. Be Safe.

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John and Steph Thornton said...

I know when you get this you will be across to the bahamas! Can't wait to hear about the journey! I have you in my prayers! Love and Aloha! Steph