Friday, January 11, 2008

Bahama Bound - Day Three

Taken by Joan Peterson yesterday from The Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine, FL. Lucky for us they are docked nearby the bridge and take great photos.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Today is 80th birthday of Wink’s mom Anna. Happy Birthday Mom…

As our blog ended yesterday, Wink and Wilma were heading south hoping to get as far as Mosquito Lagoon for the evening. About 5:30 pm, the local dolphins were having a hay day in the ICW. We had dolphins under our bow several times and also some shimmering along on the port side of John Henry as well. Looking closely, here are three under the bow.
As dark approached, Wilma and Wink put on their headset and Wilma went out onto the bow with flashlights in hand and on her head. Night vision from inside the boat was nil. Wilma guided by voice and Wink drove by charts. We did a very good job in this area, as we knew it was straight and the depth level. We simply didn’t want to hit any day markers or boaters. Sea Dee followed us in cautiously. Both boats anchored in Mosquito Lagoon about one hour after sunset with virtually no current and 10-15 mph southerly winds. Our plan was to have dinner with Andy and Annie, but all were exhausted so each boat had a small meal, did the boat chores and John Henry's crew went to bed by 9:00 pm.

Today we awoke at 6:00 am and had the anchor up by 6:45 and were on our way. There was a beautiful sunrise and great view of the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center. Too bad there wasn’t a space launch, it would have been spectacular. Sunset on Indian River Photo. We cruised down the Haulover Canal & thru the bridge which is one of Wink’s favorite places. He loves the quietness and the family feeling of all the families fishing there. A serene setting in the Haulover Canal south of New Smyrna Beach, FL.

We also saw a blue hulled GH47 docked at a marina north in the Indian River. We all think the name of the boat was Alonzo Seas. Too far away for a good picture.

Sarasota is doing well. She has completely adjusted to the boat life. Wilma and Sara made a couple of laps around the boat deck today for just a little exercise. Sara does have a full day, you know, with the napping and then the taking care of her babies. She has Hippo, Piglet, Zebra, Girraffe, Heart and Alligator. They require lots of grooming and attention.
We hope to get to SM 945 so we can reach Lake Worth on Saturday. Please check in tomorrow for another exciting day on the ICW. We'd appreciate any comments.

from bruce


John and Steph Thornton said...

Hi Wink and Wilma!

Wow! I'm so blown away by you guys! I can't believe you had complete power failure and figured out what the prblem was while you are underway! You go girl! I have one cool "sister" Good job Wink for fixen her up!

I just love the pictures and I am so thankful that you are posting daily! Keep those blogs coming!

Thanks too, for posting our vacation journal in your blog. Words cannot really say enough as to how incredible our time was with you! (I guess pictures do, though :) )

How long will Sea Dee be following you? So glad you're all there to watch out after each other!

We miss you! Enjoy the journey! I love the dolphins! Wish we were there!

Big Hugs from all in San Diego! Weather is great here in Southern Cal. I better go get some sun now!

Love you!

John and Steph Thornton said...

Hi Sarasota (the dog)!

Here's a cute picture of Jebbie and Buddy... We thought Sara needs a little mail too!

click link to see picture.

Barb and Randy said...

We miss you on the dock. 50% chance of thunderstorms are predicted for Sun. Hope your forecast is better for the crossing. Love the blogg and photos.

Safe seas.

Barb and Randy

mfaaifo said...

Happy Birthday Aunty Anna !!!