Monday, February 18, 2008

Ordinary - Of course not - it's the Bahama's

Last Friday, Andy Allen decided to take seaDee over to Great Guana and have lunch at Nippers. So a bunch of us went along for the ride. The participants were his guest, Jim and us (Wink and Wilma) from John Henry and another couple Pat and Pat -from Salty Dog (we call them Mr. Pat and Ms. Pat) just to keep them straight.
Andy, Jim and Ms. Pat went to Nippers and had a nice couple of hours. Wink, Wilma and Mr. Pat had towed the skiff over and we went fishing (having PB&J sandwiches for lunch). We tried several locations, but finally we found Queen Trigger haven and caught all we could. It made a nice dinner for six on board John Henry that evening.
On Saturday, Sally & Oliver from 1 Oliver 2 came over and we went out snorkeling and lobster hunting. Wink caught the first lobster with no problem but no one had their camera out so Sally said "Wink just go over there and caught another one and I'll get my camera out" so he did. The picture above is Oliver taking a picture of Sally taking a picture of Wink with Lobster and Wilma in the background.

Here's a good picture of the two lobsters caught just before cleaning and making bisque.

On Left, Odyssey then Double JJ (both GH37's) and on the right, Pelican (N37) and then John Henry (GH47) . We're docked at Boat Harbour at Abaco Beach Resort. On Saturday evening, the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club (RMHYC) held a Ball, you know-a dance. It was great. Wink and Wilma danced the night away.

Fred Reed from Amarse is far left. Paul and Sue Graham from Odyessey in the far back right. Andy is on the front right and his guest Jim is on the front left.

Judy Law from Amarse and Wilma (Me) were ready to dance.

Sally and Oliver from 1 Oliver 2 sat at the next table, but that didn't stop us. These guys are our lucky lobster guys. Wink has found lobster both times that they are out with us so ya'll will be seeing more of them.
On Sunday, after a relaxing morning, we decided to go out diving and fishing with Jim, Andy guest. We had lots of fun and managed to bring home some dinner. Lane Snapper at the top, three Key West Gunts (brown) two Yellow Tail Snapper and one small fish that we cut up for future bait. We served these fish fried with hush puppies, a green salad and Andy grilled us some pork medallions. We called it Surf and Sow.
Wink is out fishing now with a couple of guys - who knows what they'll bring home. Stay tuned for NOT Ordinary Days in the Bahamas.


Anonymous said...

Do you guys ever sleep??

Lazy Dolphin
No Name Harbor, FL

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys slayed the lobsters. They look deliciously beautiful as well as your well-tanned selves. Wish we were cruising there too.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Tokyo.
I have a 3 hour layover on my way back from Honk Kong and checked in to see what Andy was up to.
Followed the link to your blog and thought I would drop in to thank you again for all your hospitality.
From the looks of things, Wink has a future as a Lobsterman - and with Wilma's Hush Puppies, you guys might just as well open a roadside stand there!
Hope you're having as much fun as I did when I was there - thanks again for making my birthday special.
Hope to see you again soon.