Saturday, February 02, 2008

Supplemental Pictures

It's been another gorgeous day at the Abaco Beach Resort. Wilma and Denise got up early and went walking with the daily group. Andy and one of his guest Roselee also went walking. Wink and Sara stayed in bed.
After walking Wink, Wilma and Denise went out fishing for several hours. There will be no pictures of fish because there were no fish caught. Sorry! Although we did see a small shark, but it wasn't interested in our lures.
Wilma and Denise went to the pool for a while and then over to Andy's for snacks at Sunset.
Wink and Sara were still tired and took a nap.
Here's a couple of extra pictures for the Fred, Phyl and Food segment that was posted yesterday. We collected several coconut from around the marina and then Wink peeled them and Wilma cracked them and we made great snacks.
I forgot to mention that my grandchildren and neice and nephew drew these great fish that I turned into port hole covers. I was able to make a set of 4. I love them.

The white gadget in the middle is soda maker by Soda Club. We don't buy soda's in the can or botttle anymore, we just make our own. Very Economical.

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