Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Reef Diving

About 4 miles from Abaco Beach Resort and just south of Elbow Cay, there are a lot of coral heads located in 6-15 feet of water. The water is extremely clear and the reefs are spectacular in color. Wink, Wilma, Denise and Andy went out for a day on the reefs. Everyone had turns snorkeling and life guarding from the skiff. Wilma and Denise tried a little fishing while Andy was our photographer. Wink was free diving for adventure and looking for lobster and large fish. Wink found a very pretty conch for Wilma on one dive. A short time later, Wink arrived back at the skiff with a 6 lb. Hog Fish. This was a great day on the reef (no lobster today).
Andy's Island (NOT)
Wilma, Denise and Andy go walking every morning for about 3-5 miles. We usually find something interesting along the way. Several islands around us are privately owned, so Andy is out looking for a island to buy for himself. This little island only big enough for a snow cone shop is all Andy could afford (he’ll probably have to wait for awhile).

Denise says Hi to all her friends and you may not get her back as Wink and Wilma would like her to stay longer. Wink threatens to kidnap her and keep her for our boat crew.

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