Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 1-14, 2008

As we left our story two weeks ago, we had a great Thanksgiving on the fly-bridge of our trawler, John Henry.

From Left around to Right: Janet & Ken (daughter and son-in-law of Sue & Paul),
Judy & Fred R from Amarse, Wink, Sherry & Fred S from Chipka Fire III, Sue & Paul from Odessey.
Wilma is taking the picture.

Tim and Becky on M/V Pokey needed their zincs replaced - Wink and Paul volunteered to help.
They donned their wetsuits and masks. Move John Henry's tender over near Pokey and made the dive.

Once the zincs were on, Paul noticed that a propeller was loose so he brought Wink a large tool to tighten it up.
Now Wink has a lot of large tools, but now he's interested in acquiring more - these were neat.
Another boater dropped a valuable boat part overboard and Wink also found it.

Wilma has been walking 4+ miles a day with the RMHYC (Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club) and encouraging Wink to join them. Effective December 1, Wink has joined the Walk & Talk Group. Wink and a few other beginner walkers have came up with a new approach to keeping the walking interesting.
They not only walk and talk, but they are scavengers. They look for interesting items that have been dropped on the streets or washed up on the shore. There seems to be a race on who can find what first.
Wilma's very happy and Wink is walking daily.

Speaking of walking daily, so many walkers and so many blisters.
The blister owners will remain anonymous and not all blisters are included in the photo.

Luckily we have lots of band-aids, antibiotics and
friends to sympathize with.

Wink brought back an aquarium from storage in Texas to our boat.
Since we have arrived in Marsh Harbour, we set the salt water aquarium up. Wink and Wilma set out to the waters of Abaco and caught some star fish, and a coral banded shirmp. We named the shrimp - Peppermint. The shrimp molted a couple of days ago. It's so cool.
We plan to release the little guys back after a few days of enjoyment & find other interesting things.

A couple of times a week, we have happy hour to enjoy fellowship and a good time with snacks and beverages.
You can really tell why it's called "Happy Hour" by the picture - Everybody looks happy to me.

I can't name everybody, but Wilma is far right and Wink is the first red coat on left rear waving.

Wink brings his recliner out for happy hour and socializing.

Wink has many man-servants delivering snacks at happy hour.

Wink and Wilma Thornton
Abaco Beach Resort
Boat Harbour
December 3, 2008
15 years ago, they met.

Coconuts grow here year round and they fall here quiet often this time of year.
Wink has the most experience on the dock with opening coconuts since he's been doing it all his life.
John from M/V Our Time is having a lesson on coconut opening from Wink and a crowd gathers.
Everyone is excited to watch and learn.
Lots of coconuts are now being gathered.

Wink and Wilma share a coconut milk drink from one of the opened coconuts.
A bad day in the Bahamas is better than a cold winter day somewhere else.
Speaking of weather, we will be having winds 20-25 mph for the next 4-5 days.
It's sweatshirt weather in the evenings, but warm during the day.

Last weekend, several of us Dinghyed over to Hope Town for lunch.
We took three boats. Our boat had Wink, Sherry and Wilma.
Our boat is the biggest boat and we had the most horse power so it wasn't much of a surprise that we were the fastest.

The sun was gleaming and the water was calm and nice. The boat drivers focused on just who was going to arrive first. Even though our boat was fasters, we waited for boat #3 because they knew where we were going.
Boat 2: Fred Reed & Judy Law of Amarse.
Boat 3: Dave & Barbara Bluto from Chablis
and Rita Wieczorek from Magnum Opus

Fred (right) and Wink (left) decided to fish from the dock and catch enough for dinner.
Fishing turned into another dock participation project.
Everyone standing around watching and amazed at how many fish were being chummed to the area.


Wink and Fred Reed went out fishing. Fred came along to manage the boat because Wink wanted to spear fish and we believe in the buddy system. No one goes in the water without a buddy watching.
Once they arrived at the diving area, Wink discoved that he forgot to bring his mask. Since he gave Wilma such greif for forgetting her fins last week, he really didn't want to come back to the boat and say he had forgotten his mask & snorkel.
He came back to the boat and said that he'd like to try out the other mask. Wilma confirmed that he wanted his spare back up mask & snorkel. No, No, he said he wanted the regular mask that he normally uses. Oh, Wilma finally got the idea that he had forgotten his mask, but just didn't want to say it out loud in front of Fred. Wilma was a good doobie and quietly retrieved the forgotten mask. Away they went.
Once they arrived at the dive site again, there was no mask & snorkel. It had fallen over board somewhere before arriving at the dive site. They guys arrived back at the boat, now requesting the spare back up mask & snorkel. These mask are vision correcting and are quiet expensive somewhere around $250 a set. Wink also rigged up the tender with a rope for drag snorkeling. Fred drove and Wink drag snorkeled along looking for the mask & snorkel. The sea of Abaco is only about 10 feet deep and it's also very clear, but the chances of finding a small mask seemed overwhelming to me.

But the guys had been using a gps track and low and behold, suddenly Wink let go of the drag line and dived down - when he came up he had his other mask & snorkel.
The guys were so happy that they continued on to the dive site.

Wink - prepared for snokeling and fish spearing.
In the Bahamas, you can only catch lobster with a Hawaiian Sling or Pole Spear.
You must be free diving or snorkeling - no tanks.

Wink is ready for the challenge and Fred is managing the boat and being look out.

After a few minutes, Wink returns to the boat with his first snapper. Fred takes the fish and washes up the boat, Wink returns, Fred takes the fish and washes up the boat, Wink returns, etc. etc. etc.

Wink was able to catch three lobsters as well.

Wink and Fred had a rough start and thought they would never get to the diving and fishing, but their luck changed.
We had 6 snappers, 3 lobsters and 2 very happy men.
Left: Wink showing off his catch to the neighbors with Wilma in the back ground. Wilma stayed home on the boat to wax all the floors and barely finished before they returned.

Wilma thinks that this is a great picture and had to include it.

We had enough food to feed 7 people.
Lobster sauteed in garlic and butter.
Pan fried Mangrove Snapper.
Pan fried Hush Puppies.
Fresh Garden Salad.

Wilma, Wink, Paul, Sue, Sherry, Judy and Fred is taking the picture from the stair well.

A Happy Ending.

On December 9, 2008
RMHYC Christmas Party
Wilma and Wink posing in front of the Christmas Tree.

Okay, I had to throw this one in.
Wink kissing Wilma in front of the Christmas Tree!

Sherry, Judy and Wink
You got it, In front of the Christmas Tree!

Judy Law and Wilma at dinner.

Wink was talking to our Bahamas Santa Clause.
Santa asked me if he'd been naughty or nice.
After that kiss a couple of photo's up, I had to say.

So here's what Santa gave Wink.

Those eyes look like Antonio Banderas playing Puss N Boots in the Shrek movie.
It's a gift and a curse.

I'll try to update every weekend. Last weekend, we didn't have internet, but it looks like that has been repaired.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trip to Great Guana Cay

Saturday, November 29, 2008
Happy Birthday to Wilma's Dad - he's 83!

Judy & Bob Williams of Shade-Mor
graciously took 33 Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club (RMHYC)
members over to Great Gauna Cay for an excursion.

Bob (to the left) at the Wheel.

Few Pictures and a few words to give you an idea of the wonderful day.

It was a beautiful day. The winds were less than 5 mph, the seas calm and sun was wonderful.

Matlock Cay to the left.

Janet & Ken Phillips enjoy the ride over. They are here visiting Janet's parents - Sue & Paul Graham.

Janet & Ken were married over here several years ago.

Steve from "Christmas" (to the left)
was celebrating his 29 birthday "so he says"!

Wink (to the right) having a great time socializing.

There aren't that many houses on Guana Cay, but some of them are hugh.

We docked at the end of this new dock on Guana Cay

As we walked toward Nippers, a local and infamous pub and resturant, we passed a work of art. This front end loader was decorated many years ago as it's no longer moveable.

Fred & Judy posing by the colorful fence and umbrella's at Nippers.

Wink and Wilma enjoying the colorful umbrellas and pool view at Nippers Pub.

On the ocean side of Great Guana Cay, the waves are spectacular.


Janet & Ken embrace and enjoy the view.

Little People feet heading to the salt water pool by the rocks.

Three Babes on a Beach!

Wilma, Judy & Sue

Wilma on the Rocks!

No it's not a new drink!

Wilma and some Waves!

Fred Reed from Amarse

Wink Thornton from John Henry

Front View

Rear View - Buds!

Wilma and Judy playing on the beach in the waves.

Having a snack at Nippers Pub & Resturant!

From Left:

Wink, Tim, Henry, Lilly, Becki

On the way back to the boat, we passed Ann & Dick having ice cream cones. What a refreshing idea - two ice creams please.

Boat Harbour, Abaco Beach Resort, Bahamas

Our friends Sue & Paul Graham gave us this photo taken on their way out of Spanish Cay showing that we had the marina to ourselves. A lovely memory of a great week.
Once we were settled into Boat Harbour, we hired Vincent, a great local boat cleaner, to wash and wax John Henry. Wink and Wilma collected the floating platform that he needed for washing the bottom half of the boat. Wilma said that it was the easy water skiing she had done in years.
While we were settling into Boat Harbour, a young couple came by to check out John Henry. They had seen us coming in dock up the day before. Their names David and Denise Brook from Vancouver. They're on the look out for a live aboard boat of their own. They are renting a house here in Marsh Harbour for a few more months and we've become great friends.

Above: David and Denise Brook - At Nippers "I think". Below: Denise and their baby "Stella".
The Brook's came for dinner and brought the lovely flowers to her right.
Earlier in the day Wink and Wilma went fishing so that we could have fresh fish for dinner. We
had two mangrove snappers in the freezer and we added our three yellow tail snapper, one grunt and the large Queen Trigger Fish, dinner was smash.

Wilma and Sara, the sea dog, went to bed early - apparently very early and Wink captured this very snuggled moment.
Wilma is attending Arts and Crafts on Mondays. Her first accomplishment, this silk Lilly painting.
On Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Fred & Judy on Amarse (above boat) arrived first and then Fred & Sherrie on Chipka Fire III (bottom boat with Sherrie on it) arrived shortly after.
It is great to see both couples. Sherrie was so excited when she received the Lobster Thank You payments for swapping boat slips. We're currently in what would have been Chipka Fire's boat slip, but the kind and generous Fred & Sherrie are helping poor Sara the sea dog out.
Wink and Wilma went out snorkeling and lobster hunting several times since arriving at Boat Harbour. Wink has seen lots of Lobsters - he's starting to get the hang of hunting again. He's so agile in the water and he's a great hunter/gatherer. We are eating a lot more fish and lobster than red meat.
John Henry looks amazingly shiney with her new wax job. Vincent has done a great job.

The coconuts are plentiful at Abaco Beach Resort. Everyday, Wilma goes for a walk with Sara, the sea dog, she brings one back to the boat. Suddenly, there were nine coconuts hanging out in the cockpit. Wink was a treasure and cleaned the the husk from the nuts and drained the coconut milk while Wilma cleaned the meat from some of the coconuts. Sue Graham made us a loaf of Coconut Bread as we shared our harvest.

With a clean and shiney boat, our harvest of coconuts gathered, we celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends who have just returned back to our Winter Family. From the left going around the table - Sherrie & Fred from Chipka Fire III, Sue & Paul from Odyssey, Wilma at the end, Janet & Ken (Sue's daughter and son-in-law) and Judy and Fred from Amarse. Wink sits at the head of the table and is the official photographer.

We served:
Two Dressings
Mashed Potato's with Gravy
Green Beans
Deviled Eggs
Sweet Potatoes
Baked Beans
Apple/Coconut Salad
Chocolate Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Pie