Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pirates Party - March 2009

Sara the sea dog enjoys dinner in her chair as she prepares to stay home alone for the night.
It's Pirate Party Time........
Wink and Wilma donned their Pirate Outfits and enjoyed a Pirates Ball on March 10th.
The fun was enjoyed by all ages from babies to little kids to big kids. Wink posing with some of the powder monkeys.
Our friend Vanessa poses with the Powder Monkeys who seem to be the highlight of the party.
Dave Bluto had an amazing transformation. He was mild mannered in the afternoon and quiet gruff in the evening. Watch that 5:00 shadow.
Rita and Robert were the happiest Pirates out in the evening.
While Vanessa and Andrew were the scariest couple on the floor or maybe Andrew just realized that he was married to a Ghost.

William, Amber, Emma & Toni Visit

Wilma's son, William arrived on Thursday, February 19th. Amber, Emma and Toni arrived on Friday evening.
Saturday, February 21st is William's Birthday so we had a big party on the dock at Happy Hour.
Emma and Amber enjoy some Angel Food Cake with fresh Strawberries and whip cream. The girls enjoyed spending the day with their dad on his Birthday.
On Sunday, we rented a car and drove to Crossing Rock Beach - Wink taking the picture and from the right: Toni, Emma, Wilma(Grandma), William and Amber.
After stopping at Crossing Rock, we stopped by Cassarina Beach where we enjoyed the large beach. From right: Amber, Wilma(Grandma), Emma , Bill and Sara the sea dog. The brown dog on the left lives nearby and enjoys walks in the water.
The weather was not the nicest for enjoying the Abaco Bank, so Wilma (above) and the grandchildren (below) enjoyed the pool. Emma in the back and Amber in the front.
We had one reasonably nice day to enjoy the water on the Bank of Abaco. Below is a group picture with Grandpa (Wink). Stopping by Salty Dawg to visit with Mr. & Ms. Pat, Toni, Emma, Amber and Wink.
Emma and Grandma enjoy a snorkel with matching yellow mask. Grandpa takes a picture under the water.
Amber waves to Grandpa in the distance as she enjoys the water.
Sara, the sea dog enjoys the attention of having all the family on board.
Emma is giving Grandma some physical therapy on her legs. Wilma's watercolor of a blue bottle sits in the background.
Dock 3 had a nice happy hour while the family was visiting.

Mirage-Mfg owner Ken Fickett flew in on Wednesday to get the Charters arranged for their two Great Harbours. N37 - Semper Fi and N47 - Spoonbill are available for charter in the Abaco until June or July 2009. For more details please google -
Wilma and Ken at the Jib Room in Marsh Harbour. The kids stayed home while Wink and Wilma went out with the builder.
Our neighbor and great friends Sherry & Fred (Chipka Fire III) left for destinations in the states. We will miss them dearly, but will see them again, I'm sure.
From right: Buck, Haldine, Wilma, Sadonia & Fred.
Also Fred and Sadonia (Double Trouble) left and returned to the states. All is well and we hope to them again next year.
The day the children went home, we had a great full moon and Wink was able to capture it's beauty.
To celebrate Sunset and the Full Moon, Wilma and Sue blow conch horns that tell the world we've had another good day. Beautiful Sunset.