Friday, December 17, 2010

Summer Trip - 2010 - Part 4

We went to Crazy Horse Monument which is only about 2 hours from Rapid City, South Dakota.
No government money accepted. This is a private enterprise sponsored by the Indians and start in 1948. Korczak Ziolkowski who also worked on Mount Rushmore was asked to start work on the Monument. Later he met and married Ruth. They had nine children who all helped on the monument. After Korczak died, the monument is still being built by a number of the children.
This statue is a minature of what the monument plans to looklike. Crazy Horse is a lot larger than Mt. Rushmore with full size Amber, Emma and Wilma
I think the head of Crazy Horse is about the size of Mt. Rushmore.
Here is a marked up version of how it is suppose to turn out.
We also went to the Badlands where Emma is posing.

Amber and Emma in the Badlands.

Amber is sworn in as a jr. ranger for Badlands National Park.

We drove through Wind Cave National Monument, but it was so crowded that we decided to just look for wildlife. Our first Buffalo sighting. We actually learned that Buffalo is not the correct name - no buffalo in United States, they are Bison.
Prairie Dos - Millions of them.
Bison heard.
Wild Doneys.
We also visited a Minuteman Missle Site east of Rapid City, SD just north of the Badlands.
We went in groups - only 6 people at a time allowed into the site. Wink taking this picture of the Ranger, two people in our group and Emma, Amber and Wilma.
The blast door is 3 feet thick and is decorated by the airmen who worked on the site.
Just 4 miles away is the action Missle site preserved for mankind to know what the cold war was about. The girls earned another Jr. Ranger Badge at the Minuteman Missle Site.
We also went to Wall Drug where Emma was our action model.
Emma riding a Bucking Bronco. She was great, never fell off.
Emma enjoys a snuggle of a Bison.
Wink, Emma and Amber pet the mechanical Bison. Wall Drug was too commerical for us.

Summer Trip - 2010 - Part 3

We arrived at our friends Pat and Pat who live in Kansas City, Missouri on Lake Lotawana late in the afternoon on Friday, July 2nd.
Amber took a photo of us having dinner at their home. From left: Emma, Ms. Pat, Mr. Pat, Wink and Wilma.
Wink and Amber getting the luggage from the car.
We took a dip in the lake in the afternoon. Emma was being a motor for Wilma, pushing her around from pier to pier.
On the 4th of July, Grandma Wilma demonstrated water-skiing for Amber and Emma. Both girls tried, but Emma was able to ski for a short while. The fireworks for Lake Lotawanna was right in front of The Pats home. We had a great time.
Thank you, Pat & Pat for a great Independence Day Weekend.

From Kansas City, MO we head toward Sioux City, Iowa. We have plans for staying at the Stoney Creek Inn. Here is a photo of the lobby. It was a fantastic visit. Our youngest granddaughter - Emma loved the western motif and we all loved the rest of the amenities.

We had an extremely large suite with a King Size Bed (for Grandma and Grandpa) and a Queen Size Pull out Sofa Bed (for Amber and Emma). The suite came with a kitchenette, eating bar, fireplace, in room Jacuzzi, large TV, and all the stuffed (real animals) you can think of. We also enjoyed the pool which was both indoor and outdoor combination. A coy pond and large property. Amber and Emma pose at the bar. Grandma went to the grocery store and came back with Chicken Pot Pies for dinner.

On our way from Sioux City, Iowas to Rapid City, South Dakota - we stopped at the 1880 Town to stretch our legs. Amber and Emma posed for their picture on an old swing. On our way into Rapid City, we drove through part of the Badlands. It was beautiful and pictures are available shortly. We stayed in Rapid City at the Ameri-Inn (it was awful and that's the nicest thing I can say about it.)

We went to Mt. Rushmore National Park where Amber and Emma started a great adventure in the Junior Ranger Program earning their first Jr. Ranger Badge.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Days 1 & 2:

Sara the sea dog really enjoyed the grass a Wilma's son's home. She had squirrels in the back yard throwing pecans at her which made her more diligent to keep them moving. She stood guard on the porch a lot also just napping and keeping one eye on the trees.

Wink, Wilma, Amber and Emma had made plans to travel on a 3 week road trip north from Texas. Sara the sea dog was left with Wilma's son during this time.
On Thursday, July 1st, the group loaded into the car and left at 7:15 am. As we headed for Wichita, Kansas - enjoying some music from one of Amber's Cd's, we happened upon a song about seizing the day. We started talking and decided that since Amber was in charge of helping manage our summer budget and Emma was in charge of helping with the maps and directions of traveling, we should all have a job and consider it a summer business. It was Winks opinion that if we acted like it was a business and we had goals then we would probably get more out of it. After discussion - we decided our name would be: Buddies Exploring America (BEA). Wink would be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Amber would be the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Emma would be the CLO (Chief Logistical Officer) and Wilma would be the DO-SO (Director of Order-Security Operations) You got it! Anything else that would need to be done on this trip, Wilma would DO-SO.
We stayed our first night at Hilton Garden Inn in Wichita, KS. Although we had the reservation, we were totally surprised that our arrival was so important that they had arranged a concert by the lake for us that evening. They included fireworks as a great ending to our first day as a company and a great trip beginning - giving us exclusive seats for enjoying the evening.
Amber and her Grandpa giving Grandma a photo to remember while Emma socials with all the other kids playing chase. The Hilton also had a great pool and exercise room which the girls took advantage of during the evening. The next morning we headed west toward Kansas City, MO.

In route, we made an unscheduled stop at the Old Depot Museum in east Kansas. Before we could go in the Old Depot Museum, Amber had to check it out and determine if the price of admission was within our budget. At only $8 for the 4 of us - we were approved for the expense.
Amber approving the Old Depot Museum.

Local businesses of past era's donate some of their assets to the museum as they either modernize or go out of business. Wilma sits next to old stamp machines in an old diner setting from the local drug store.

Emma was dressed in a "ole timey" school smock (school uniform), supplied with an apple for the teacher, and a lunch pale for this photo in the "one room schoolhouse" setting.

After our visit we continued east where Amber declined an opportunity to visit another museum because it cost $35 for all of us to go into and it was 20 minutes until closing. Smart Girl! We continued on to our friends "Pat & Pat" home in Kansas City, MO. They are boater friends that have a Pilgrim 43 - M/V Salty Dawg. They live on Lake Lottawana and he's a Rear Commodore for his yacht club.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Every year after the Bahama Trip, Wink, Wilma and Sara the sea dog de-clutter and spring clean John Henry, our GH47 Trawler. We pack everything into our car and take it to the condo. This year, we also de-cluttered the condo. Wilma went through every storage container. She either repacked things more effectively, gave things to Goodwill or packed them back into the car to give to her son William in Texas. We also advertised and sold our Kayaks.
Wink bought himself a new camera, Wilma a new camera, and both granddaughters new cameras this year. Above, Wilma saying hi from the parking lot of the condo while Wink is taking the photo from the Penthouse floor (10th). Who knows which of the camera's he's trying out to make sure they are all working great for our big summer trip.
We stopped by the nursing home to make sure Wink's mom is doing well. Not much has changed for Anna. She's not walking anymore, but she can stand and pivot. Her health seems stable and good.
It's been a full 4 years since we moved on board and we've had a great adventure. Upon purchasing the boat, Wink and Wilma planned to live on board for 3-5 years and see where they wanted to go from there. Last year, we put a "for sale by owner" sign in the window just to keep us focused and help us decide if we really wanted to get off the boat or not. We've had some really great times traveling and living on the water. We're ready to see what's next, because actually we don't really know.
From Sarasota, Florida - we went back to Green Cove Springs, FL to John Henry and officially listed the boat for sale with Mirage Mfg. Brokerage. See details at Yachtworld .
Wilma drove Wink to the Jacksonville airport on June 12 and he flew to Boston, MA where he was picked up by our daughter-in-law Toni and the two Granddaughters: Amber and Emma.
They live in Derry, NH. Wink made arrangements to stay with them for about two weeks and help them out with a few chores while Wilma and Sara the sea dog made their way to Yazoo City, Mississippi.
Emma giving her Grandpa a big welcome hug. Note: Emma has long hair in this photo.
Yazoo City, Mississippi - Main Street - Historic Downtown Has No Damage
Wilma's hometown. A tornado hit in April 2010. According to the news reports, it took out several buildings at the south end of town. One of those buildings were my parent's church. The devastation was much more severe than reported. Several months after the tornado, the town is still cleaning up. The tornado didn't hit any densely populated areas, thankfully limiting the deaths to three people.
William (Wilma's son) came to visit while she was in Yazoo City. They both went to Jackson to visit Wilma's parents. Claudine, Wilma, Hardy and William. Three generations, best known as
William, Mom, Mamaw and Papaw.
One set of Wilma's Great-Nephew and Niece were visiting in Yazoo City also. Noah and Rachel took Aunt Wilma for a ride on a 4-wheeler. Noah and Rachel live in Dallas, TX. After Wilma's visit to Yazoo City, she headed for Dallas. Rachel needed a ride home as she was headed to summer camp for a week so she hitched a ride with Aunt Wilma.
After a few days in Dallas, it was time for Wink, Amber and Emma to arrive from New Hampshire via DFW airport. Wink and Amber had made some plans to cook several nice treats for us. They're first adventure was Eggplant Burgers. They were awesome.
Amber serving up the Eggplant Burgers - which were eaten immediately - without buns.
Later in the week, William's girlfriend Sara and her two girls Aila and Madison came for a visit. We all went to The Last Chance Ranch and Stables in Keller, Texas to visit Uncle Timmy. Uncle Timmy took Aila for a short gallop around the round pen. Amber, Emma and Madison also road Razzle in the round pen.
After all the riding was done, we celebrated Wink's birthday with a special chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
William's trilled to see the girls and spend some special time with them. The girls will spend a week with dad and then go on a three week trip with Grandma and Grandpa before returning to Dad's house for an additional 2 weeks.Amber is on the left, Emma on the right and their Dad (William) in the middle. Taken at Uncle Timmy's Ranch near the round pen.
Sara the Sea Dog is enjoying lots of free time with the GRASS. The Green Grass.
Stay tune for the continuing saga of the summer land trip.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jacksonville to Green Cove Spring, FL

Great Harbour Trawler Goes Fast - we cruised 107 Statue Miles yesterday with an average of 9.034 mph. We had the wind at our backs - pushing. We traveled with the current and Lady Luck was being nice to us. We approached Jacksonville Landing near Sunset.

Wilma prepared John Henry for docking. Bow line, Forward Spring Line, Aft Spring Line, and a Stern Line all to Port. Five Fenders were arranged for Floating Docks. The skiff was brought in to Anchor/Docking Position. Wink wanted to dock Port side so the bow could be into the current. Wilma went to her station at the stern, opened the gate - Wink performed a perfect about face and gently landed the vessel along the floating dock - Wilma stepped across to the floating dock, retrieved a spring line from Wink and secured the boat to the floating dock.
Wink and Wilma deployed the Bow Line, Aft Spring Line, and repositioned the Forward Spring Line, Stern Line and finally the Skiff. Shane (a passerby) came by and assisted with the Skiff. He's been dreaming about having a trawler and hopes to do the Great Loop when he retires in 12 years. His wife, Brandy - I believe - joined him and we gave them tour of John Henry.

Wink and Wilma arrived at Jacksonville Landings about 8:40 pm just after sunset but before the light was gone.

John Henry at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 Jacksonville Landings, Florida.
Wink, Wilma and Sara the Sea Dog left at 7:00 a.m. and should arrive in Green Cove Springs, Florida around 10:00 this morning.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

John Henry & Land Traveling

During our last blog session - you will remember that we made it to Ft. Pierce, Florida.John Henry with Tender on face dock at Ft. Pierce, Florida
next to Harbor Cove Restaurant (not included in photo).

Once morning, we looked out and there were three (3) sharks cruising the inlet.

Our friends Fred and Judy from M/V Amarse were staying in Stuart (about 15 miles south of Ft. Pierce). They had already gotten their car so they offered us a ride to Sarasota to get our car. We stayed at the condo overnight - enjoyed the hot tub and the company.

Before we left Sarasota, we went to the nursing home and visited with Anna, Wink's Mom.
She seems to be much the same - mumbles and has no recognition of anyone. Her physical health continues to be okay. She doesn't walk but a few steps at a time with assistance.

We kept hearing knocks on the hull. The knocks turned out to be Jack Carvel fish chasing other fish and bumping into the hull. Wilma took lots of photos and this one was the nicest photo.

Jan and Brian from M/V Roving Seas crossed the Gulf Stream with us, but continued on to Vero Beach to hang out on a Mooring. We got together a couple of times for dinner.

These are the new officers of our boat owners club. Wilma is now the President.
Fred is the Vice President, Bettie - secretary, and Punk with dog is the Treasurer.
Of course, Sara the sea dog is also in the picture.
If you want to know more about the boat owners club
GHTA (Great Harbour Trawler Association)

The GHTA meeting was held in conjunction with the Mirage Mfg Technical Seminar
put on by the Boat Builder to help owners with questions & techniques
for maintaining their vessels.
Mirage Mfg provides a low-country boil dinner after their Thursday session. Wink was really enjoying the Shrimp, Mussels, Corn, Carrots, Potatoes, and Sausages. Mmmm, Mmmm, Good.

Wilma's niece Jan, her husband Dee and their two children, Tanner and Jenna went over to the condo and stayed for a week. They also drove over to see John Henry in Ft. Pierce. They stayed overnight and we had a great time gathering shells at the beach - then making their grandmother (my sister) a necklace.

Wink and Wilma also took some time to clean out the boat and take a load of stuff over to the condo. The bedroom really looks good now. Our Master Stateroom is in the Bow. From the entrance to the Master Stateroom, the office is to Starboard (Right).

The office of the President (GHTA) that is.

Tim from Cloud X along with his wife Lena came for a weekend visit to the condo.
We went out to dinner at Javier Restaurant for dinner.
Peruvian Food - Excellent (Wilma's Favorite Special Restaurant)
Lena picked out one of Wink's jewelry pieces and asked Wink to make her earrings to match.

She also wanted a Sterling Silver Cross - Above.

We went to the Municipal Marina in Ft. Pierce to the Arts & Crafts show
The weather was very hot - there was guy dressed in a character suit.
Our friend Michael who does wire wrapping talked to Mets mascot.
Wilma held down the Jewelry Booth while Michael visited with the Mascot.

We left Ft. Pierce, FL early on Sunday, May 9th
Happy Birthday - Happy Mother's Day
to Wilma's Mom.
We soon discovered that Roberta and Steve on M/V Indemnity was not far ahead of us.
We chatted on the Radio and anchored near each other in the evening at Addison's Point.
Wink and Wilma jumped into their skiff and went over to Indemnity for a short happy hour.
The following day we traveled trough the Haulover Canal. We saw five (5) Manatee, lots of wildlife and of course a Cormorant drying it's wings.

MV John Henry at Loggerhead Club and Marina
The winds and current were against us most of the day keeping our speed even
slower than normal. We were certain that we would
not be able to reach St. Augustine or the planned anchorage before dark.
Wink and Wilma decided to pull into a marina in Daytona - Loggerhead Club and Marina.
It is a beautiful place and ran well. However, they charge LOA. Length Over All.
They have a nice hot tub and pool which we enjoyed. Caribbean Jacks Restaurant looked great, but we're dieting - so we ate on the boat.
We had a great night's sleep - left the Marina this morning at 8:20 a.m.
The winds, current and good luck have joined us today.
We're cruising fast - 10.6 mph
Location - Just north of Cresent Beach Bridge, Florida
We should arrive Green Cove Springs, FL tomorrow afternoon.